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Livestock Diagnostics

The Challenge

Similar to the global SARS-CoV-2 outbreak, dangerous animal viruses and bacterial infections are continually evolving across the world. African Swine Fever Virus and Foot and Mouth Disease have wreaked havoc on global livestock producers, and both viruses have been recently found near USA borders. Without a coordinated defense against the spread of such viruses, the global food supply is at great risk. Importantly, however, livestock producers are extremely cost-sensitive and demand a low cost-per-test for consistent pathogen screening.

Dangerous animal pathogens continue to evolve globally and threaten the livestock industry
Unchecked outbreaks can decimate entire herds quickly
Ultra-low cost-per-test is crucial for regular pathogen screening
FastDetect Applications - Livestock Testing
The FastDetect Solution

FastDetect has spent the last 12 months optimizing device and consumable cartridge engineering, to create a platform that can be manufactured at an ultra-low cost. No other molecular diagnostics platform in the world can be produced at the price point of FastDetect, which will translate into a low cost-per-test for customers in the livestock production space. Furthermore, the device can be run on battery power, allowing deployment on farms and in rural areas. The FastDetect sample processing procedure is also compatible with pooling of 5+ samples per test. The platform, therefore, embodies a long-awaited solution to the problem of regular pathogen screening on feedlots, farms, and producer locations.

FastDetect is portable and can be run on battery power
Ultra-lean manufacturing allows a low cost-per-test
Sample pooling will allow livestock producers to quickly and consistently monitor herds
FastDetect Applications - Livestock Testing