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Companion Animal Diagnostics

The Challenge

Cats and dogs are severely underdiagnosed and overprescribed with antibiotics, due to the lack of a pathogen detection system that can deliver results during the patient’s visit. In many cases, it has proven simpler to prescribe a best-guess antibiotic based on symptoms, rather than implementing precision medication techniques. This leads to animals suffering with treatable illnesses longer than necessary, and higher ultimate cost to the pet owner by the time the pet has its pathogen cleared. The companion animal health arena could greatly benefit from a rapid diagnostic platform that offers a diverse platform of pathogen detection assays, which would encourage precision medicine in treating animals.

Veterinarians lack a point-of-care diagnostic solution for most common pathogens
Antibiotics are overprescribed to animals
Precision medicine could be improved for dogs and cats alike
FastDetect - Companion Animal Testing
The FastDetect Solution

Through multiple industry partnerships and efficient internal R&D, FastDetect is on the path to developing an extensive portfolio of viral and bacterial detection assays. Each assay is projected to display similar high accuracy and short time-to-result, enabling veterinarians to properly screen animals on-site during their visit and prescribe the appropriate treatment based on test results. FastDetect can thus make a significant positive impact on antibiotic stewardship worldwide.

FastDetect has a small footprint, about the size of a shoebox
The platform will offer a large portfolio of pathogen detection assays
The ~15-minute testing time will allow results to be delivered to pets during the same visit
FastDetect Companion Animal Solution